I am often asked how Edge on Science got started. And I think, “Where shall I begin?” A story does come to mind though.

Growing up, I had a pretty amazing dad. If you ever went to him with a question, he would set aside what he was doing, and give you his full attention. I remember one such time. At ten years old, I went to him and asked how I might get a better look at the Moon.

He had the perfect solution, took me into the workshop, pulled down a box and opened it. Inside was a cardboard mailing tube. You could see that it had been modified and yes, the mailing label was still attached. Together we added a lens from his view camera and an eyepiece from another kit. The mailing tube was now a telescope tube. That evening, I got my first close-up glimpses of the Moon and was instantly hooked!

Sure, my dad could have just bought a telescope, but making one? That was cool. The experience, no the excitement, of viewing the Moon, through that telescope? Now that made a lasting impression.

As the years went by, my interest in astronomy grew. I got married. We had children. And as they started school, I started sharing that interest through interactive, hands-on activities. Fast forward and I found myself offering a week of model rocket building and flying, and what was to become Edge on Science was born.

Many years and programs later, Edge on Science has evolved to offer eleven different topics in applied science and engineering. What hasn’t changed is this back-to-basics approach, in project-based learning and fun! Our instructors are engineers, scientists and / or scholars. And their aim is to fuel your child’s curiosity for applied science; staying true, I’ld say, to my father’s legacy.

John Aviste
Founder, Edge on Science