FAQ for Science Summer Camp | Edge on Science

Find answers to your questions here.

1. What is the Federal EIN or tax number for Edge on Science LLC?


2. What are your terms and conditions?

Here is a link to our Terms and Conditions for Edge on Science LLC Here you will find information and need-to-know things on a variety of topics, from our code of conduct to payment considerations, safety and more.

3. What are your rules and guidelines in relation to safely operating during our reopening response to COVID-19?

Please read Item II Health and Safety

4. Do you offer transportation, like bus pickup?

No, however, some families will share the driving, when their child is attending with a friend. We also offer optional 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. early drop-off and 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. late pick-up, to help with the commute. There is a modest charge for extended care.

5. What other safety measures do you have?

• CORI & SORI background checks on lead instructors and adult assistants
• lead instructors are Red Cross certified in first aid and CPR
• all Instructors, Assistants and Counselors in Training must complete training for the prevention and response to any form of abuse or harassment
• we do not share food or drink, and will respect known allergies
• strict sign-in and sign-out procedures
• adopt the emergency procedures of the campus hosting a particular program
• buddy system
Our first responsibility is the safety of your child. Then comes fun and learning something!

6. How does your referral program work?

Simply call (315) 773-5673 for your personal promo code for $25 off and then share that code with friends. They save $25 when they register and for every new family to Edge on Science, you earn $25. The code keeps track of everything, so it is real easy. By sharing the experience of an Edge on Science program, you become a Science Ambassador!

7. Do you have a Counselor in Training (CIT) program?

Yes. Rising 10th to 12th grade students, who have a keen interest in science, may apply. Applicants should have some experience working with younger children and not be a stranger to making things.

A resume and two references are requested. A telephone interview will determine if the assignment is a good fit for a particular program. E-mail John Aviste at javiste@edgeonscience.com to schedule a telephone interview.

Completing a week as a CIT does not guarantee a paid Junior Counselor position. Being a CIT also does not mean that your child has been hired by Edge on Science LLC.

A CIT still participates in a program and is expected to help out as needed. They also go through training and attend meetings with the Lead Instructor and Assistant for an at-work type experience. Tuition for a CIT is typically $200 less than the regular price of a week-long session. It may also be mandatory to purchase the dining hall pass (usually around $45), as some colleges or universities do not allow outside lunches, when hosting summer programs.

8. Are all materials included in the cost of camp?

Yes, and some programs have options to purchase kits or gear.

9. Is lunch included in the cost to register?

At our Endicott College location lunch is served with a wide variety of choices to meet every dietary restriction and preference. At Lasell University, lunch is not served and you need to send your child to camp with lunch and drinks. At both locations you would need to send snacks and drinks for our mid-morning break, mid-afternoon break and after care if applicable.

10. Are there any scholarships available to defray the cost of a program session? And other ways to cover the cost…

Yes. Scholarships are based on financial need, your child’s desire in participating and a recommendation from a teacher. Call John Aviste at (315) 773-5673 for more info. Scholarship opportunities may also exist through a local community service organization, an educational foundation, your employer or even a private donor. Some children like to do extra chores to earn a portion of the cost for a summer session! Public school, home school and youth organizations can have fund raisers.

11. Do you accommodate home school or youth organizations? Or how about a private or public school, a library, museum or community center?

Yes. If you represent such a group, you should call Edge on Science at (315) 773-5673 about group registration, custom options and discounted rates. And check out our Custom Programs webpage.

12. What should my child wear?

Ah. Great question! Children should wear weather appropriate, comfortable clothes and lace-up sneakers for outdoor fun. Open-toed footwear like sandals or slip on footwear of any sort are not allowed, except for the marine program, Whales n’ Things where a pair of water shoes is needed. Hats and sunscreen are also in order.

13. Are tablets & cellphones allowed?

Yes, however, indiscriminate use is not allowed. So if your child wants to snap a picture during a water rocket launch and share it, no problem!

14. Are there outdoor activities?

Absolutely! In fact, weather permitting, we get outside as much as possible …launching rockets, testing ideas, building bridges, playing an old viking game, using telescopes, collecting samples, hurling with a trebuchet (a kind of catapult) and so on! It all depends on the program, of course. When we can, we build under the shade of trees. We cannot over emphasize the need for:

-light-colored, loose fitting active wear
-refillable water bottle
-broad-rimmed light colored sun hat
-extra snacks for breaks
-sunscreen, especially ones recommended by dermatologists

15. Does participation in one of your programs count for anything academically?

If you are thinking scholastic credit for completing a course, then no, however, we do recommend printing out each confirmation of a registration. Keep these in a file, along with other accomplishments, because it establishes a track record. It may seem too early to be thinking about a portfolio for institutions of higher learning, however, what your child does at an early age, lays a foundation for later study, academic success and even consideration for internships. Middle school teacher, Connell Cloyd, M.Ed. puts it this way: “My greatest education was from summer enrichment because it took me to another level.” What level will your child achieve? Everything counts!

16. My child has special needs. Will he or she be able to participate in your programs?

The best way to answer your questions and concerns is to call us. Even though we are not a special needs program, we are always happy to try and work something out, or make a suggestion. To determine if a particular program is a good fit, begin by reviewing the session activities. Your child must be willing and able to participate, while remaining safe.

17. My child is a bit shy.

That’s okay. We have leaders and assistants trained in orchestrating fun ice breakers and group activities. We aim to make everyone feel comfortable and eager to return the next day!