STEM takes flight in this hands-on drone engineering program! We do this in a great hall on campus with wide-open space and fresh air. Fly your code!!


• A five-day, Monday to Friday program:
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day

• Optional extended care:
8:00 – 9:00 a.m. $50 per week and/or
4:00 – 6:00 p.m. $95 per week

• Bring your own lunch at Lasell University
Hot lunch is included at Endicott College

• Apply for our Counselor in Training (CIT) program:
Rising 10th-12th grade students call (315) 773-5673

• Limited to 12 children, separate sessions
for rising 3rd – 5th, 6th – 9th grade
Grouped according to age!

• Scholarships available by calling (315) 773-5673

• $25 sibling or multi-session discount applies

• Share a referral coupon code!

• Child to instructor & assistant ratio is 6:1 or less

• Your instructor: a computer science major to be announced

Addy Krom STEM Edge on Science Instructor

Addy Krom

Computer engineering major at Case Western Reserve University (GPA: 3.77)

Addy is currently seeking an internship in computer science and will be passing on the role of Instructor.

Addy’s Boston Latin School Faculty Advisor, Cate Arnold has described them as dedicated, reliable, skilled and passionate. Take for example, their work on developing a floor tile that captures the energy imparted by walking on it. Consider the applications of this!

Experienced in Python coding, your child can expect some wicked cool flight challenges from Addy’s protégé. Think object recognition, obstacle courses, payload lifts and more!

There are three versions of Drone & Code: rising 6th to 9th grade beginner, 6th to 9th grade advanced and 3rd to 5th grade children. 

Program Curriculum

Your child will first learn about the different sensors and electronic modules on drones and controllers. Next, using Python coding, campers will tackle several flight challenges, with hands-on testing, trials, and troubleshooting that demonstrate the scientific approach. Critical thinking, teamwork, and fun are part of every day’s activities! Coding experience or not, we will advance your child’s knowledge.

Note that this summer there will be separate sessions; one for rising third to fifth grade children and one for rising sixth to ninth grade children. Counselors in Training (CIT) may apply for either one and must be rising tenth to twelfth grade students.

de Witt Hall Lasell University

No previous coding experience is required, but children with coding experience will be challenged according to their skill level.

Games and flight challenges make the experience fun and engaging! At the end of the week, your child gets to showcase their work to friends and family.

Why choose EOS Drone & Code?

This hands-on applied science program is structured to keep your child engaged, while offering the freedom to explore, create, test, and problem-solve alone or with a buddy. It’s a perfect mix of coding, hardware, and three-dimensional space – plus you get to fly! Your child just might discover a new passion.

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