Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse
lunar eclipse photo by Karen Trotter September 27, 2015

Blood Moon

The evening of Sunday, May 15 the Moon will pass through the shadow that Earth casts into space. Plan on getting outside by 10:00 pm EDT. The partial eclipse begins at 10:27 pm. One hour later and the Moon will be totally eclipsed, taking on a dark ruddy color. This is memorable family fun!

Fun fact: The Moon orbits a distance equal to its own diameter every hour!

Modeling the Earth - Moon System
Modeling the Earth – Moon system at Space Science

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A fun way to model a lunar eclipse: On a clear day, stand outside with your back to the Sun. Imagine your head is Earth and note the shadow it casts. Simply hold any round object (about the size of a golf ball) at arms length and pass it from right to left through the shadow.

The website Time & Date is an excellent resource for eclipse animations that show you what you will see from your location and in your local time. Click on the image below to play the animation. The timings are the same for anyone in the North American EDT zone.

Time & Date website offers eclipse animations

Photo credits
1. Blood Moon © 2015 Karen Trotter
2. Girls modeling the Earth – Moon system © Edge on Science LLC