Eye Spy an Insect


Forest scene near the Ampersand Mountain trail head near Saranac Lake, NY

Eye Spy an Insect,

in plain view. Zoom in on this forest scene if you must. Find the insect. Name it and use the Edge on Science Contact Form to submit your answer. Submit your answer before Monday, April 26, 2021.

Clue: It could cover your palm and is bathed in Sun’s light. Be quiet and still, for it just might take flight.

Tip: Click on this link Eye Spy Forest Scene, which takes you to a high resolution version of the image above. Once you spot it, try seeing it without zooming in!

All correct submissions will be entered into a drawing for $50 off any one Edge on Science summer 2021 STEM week-long session. Already registered for this summer? Awesome. If your name is drawn you get a refund. And yes, you may share this challenge with all your friends!!

Fun fact: Leonardo da Vinci was very keen on using all his senses to examine something. He might have been considered obsessive in the way he would make his observations, except when you understand that he did not want to miss anything. Was there to be a connection, a pattern or some new revelation? Being diligent, paying attention and staying curious are all hallmarks of good scientists!

And check out the links below to the Cambridge Science Festival (April, 2021) and the Wellesley Educational Foundation, See Yourself in STEM event (April 2021).